Book Marketing Club’s blog content is being built upon and organized into five pillars that support an overarching umbrella. All these elements, when working together will help you sell more books and build a sustainable author-based business.

Your Book Marketing Plan

The umbrella, if you will, is your book marketing plan. If you don’t plan, well, you know the rest. A book marketing plan helps you stay focused and measures results so you can intelligently pivot when necessary. This plan is held up by five pillars.

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Pillar 1: Author Branding

Your brand as an author affects everything you do, and so it is the cornerstone of all book marketing content.

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Pillar 2: Online Book Marketing

These are assets and strategies you can use to build a platform and sell your books without ever leaving your home!

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Pillar 3: Offline Book Marketing

Sometimes you have to leave your house to sell more books. Author appearances get you in front of real, live readers.

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Pillar 4: Speaking

Speaking, whether in person or on video, is probably one of the best methods available for marketing your book.

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Pillar 5: Public Relations

Although publicity and media relations may require some effort, the potential Return on Investment (ROI) is high.

4 Things ALL Online Articles Must Have
4 Things ALL Online Articles Must Have

Articles are a driving force in bringing traffic to a website. Not only through articles posted on the site itself, but through guest posting on other people’s sites, as well. Articles are a major factor in giving sites high rankings in search engine result pages. The higher a site ranks the bigger slice of the traffic flow pie it gets. With greater traffic flow, there are more profits and more potential for other income-generating methods, as well. That’s why there are certain things your online articles must have.

7 Red Hot Tips To Get Your Content Read
7 Red Hot Tips To Get Your Content Read

If you want to use content marketing effectively, you need to get your content read. This means that people who come upon your articles, blog posts, and other written content actually consume it through to the call to action. This all falls apart if no one reads what you’ve written. Here are seven techniques that will help you avoid that pitfall.

3 Mistakes Authors Make Before Publishing a Blog Post or Article
3 Mistakes Authors Make Before Publishing a Blog Post or Article

Content marketing with articles is a form of information-based marketing, one of the oldest and most effective techniques in getting targeted prospects to websites and converting them into buyers. Whether you can write or not, you should seriously consider adding this technique to your marketing arsenal. However, there are some things you need to consider before publishing an article — on your site or another’s.

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