Email marketing is a powerful tool in any author’s book marketing arsenal. But have you unlocked its full potential to nurture deep connections with your readers?

In this post, I’ll share three proven tactics – fresh off the top of my head – that you can implement today to transform your email list into a loyal community of raving fans.

>> Be transparent and let readers follow as you write your next book.

A few years back, horror author Kealan Patrick Burke did an experiment that was really cool and not only gained interest from publishers but readers, as well. He wrote a book in real-time and posted first draft chapters on a special Yahoo! Groups board. Each post not only had the latest chapter, but also some notes about where he was in the process as a writer. It was great fun to tag along the journey and I’ve been following him ever since.

>> Share tips and tricks based on the information in your book.

If you have a non-fiction book, you can publish an ezine where you dive more deeply into the information you share in your book. This can expand the experience of your expertise for readers of the book and encourage people on your list who haven’t purchased yet, to actually purchase.


>> Share your journey as a writer.

Many writers attract aspiring writers to join their list. If this is the case with you … or you are just passionate about helping out aspiring writers … then you can share tips, tricks, and real-world stories about how to grow as a writer. Basically, you should be using your email marketing to nurture your fans … help them enjoy your work more, want to buy your next book, and even share their love of your words with others.

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