There are two basic ways you can deliver your opt-in bonus: via download or the mail. The most commonly use method is via download and there are several ways you can do this.

Through Your Shopping Cart

Many shopping carts allow you to set up a free download. You set up your opt-in bonus as you would any other product, but give it a zero-dollar price.

This option can get confusing for some and often requires your subscriber to enter much more than their name and email address to acquire the download. This will, in turn slow down the growth of your list.

Through Your Autoresponder

Many autoresponder systems will let you attach files to outgoing emails. Although this can be an easy way to do it, it can also trigger spam filters. So your delivery rate will be lower and you’ll get more complaints and unsubscribes.

Via a Download Page

This is the most common method. Usually, once the subscriber confirms their subscription, they are sent an email with the URL (link) for the download page. If you set this page up correctly, the likelihood that a hacker will find it is pretty small. But, that’s a very small price to pay for the scores of legitimate subscribers you’ll get.

This is what a typical squeeze-page system looks like:

squeeze page process

Step 1: Opt-in, Landing or Squeeze Page

This could be an opt-in dedicated page, or the opt-in box on your website. In this step, the visitor to your web page is offered an opt-in bonus in exchange for their name and email address. They input their data and click a “Subscribe” button to move to Step 2.

Step 2: Confirmation Page

If you are using a double opt-in list builder option, which you really should for this type of list building, it is good form to display a page at this point in the process that explains that the visitor needs to click on a confirmation link that will be sent to the email address they put in the form. Most autoresponder software will create a default page for this step, but you are free to create one that is branded for your page, too. Aweber also gives you several default options: plain text, audio or video.

Step 3: Confirmation Email Message

Your visitor receives an email message asking them to confirm they want to subscribe to your list. Most autoresponder services let you customize this message so that it is consistent with your brand.

Step 4: Thank You, Here’s Your Download

At this point, there are two ways you can go. You can create a download page and send your visitor there automatically once they click the confirmation link. Or you can create another “Thank You” page that explains the download information will be coming in yet another message. I’ve seen both methods used about equally.

Step 5: Follow Up

In this message you either are giving the visitor, now subscriber, the download link for the first time. Or, you are just confirming that they received it and giving it to them again. This is always a good idea, because not everyone will automatically download your gift if they receive it upon clicking the confirmation link. This follow up message makes sure they received what they asked for.

Of course, you should have a series of follow up messages set up that also help your new subscriber consume your opt-in bonus. But that, my friends, is another post altogether. (In fact, I’ll be covering in a post later this week!)


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