In July 2018, I held a min-workshop on how to use speaking to promote your book at my home Toastmaster’s club. I recorded it on video — you do record yourself every time you speak, right? — and then used that recording to create an episode of my then podcast, Weekday Wisdom.

I recommend that you have a piece of paper and your favorite writing implements on hand while you watch. When I mention something that piques your interest, write that down. Then, after the video’s done, you can go and find out how to implement that particular technique to promote your book(s).

In this video I talk about the following:

  • Why use speaking to promote your book?
  • Opportunities for speaking in person about your book
  • Speaking at bookstores or libraries
  • Speaking at conventions, trade shows, and festivals
  • Speaking at meetings
  • Virtual speaking, such as podcasts, radio, television, recorded and live video, webinars, and teleseminars

You can read a more detailed synopsis of the video at

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