Book Marketing Checklist


Plan your book successful book launch using this book marketing checklist and workbook so that you won’t miss a step in your launch!

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Planning a book launch?

Then the Book Marketing Checklist is what you need!

Don't miss a step in your book launch. Use this checklist and workbook to keep you on track.

What's Inside:

  • Book Assets: Make sure you have all your assets in place so that you won't have to create them in a rush at the last minute or miss out on an opportunity to sell more books.
  • Space to brainstorm up to 100 influencers to help you market your book so that you know exactly who to contact.
  • Book Sales Models: Choose how you'll sell your book so that you can get it into the right readers' hands.
  • Book Marketing Tactic Checklist so that you make sure you remember to do them all.
  • Space to brainstorm up to 31 blogs and 31 podcasts to pitch so that you'll know exactly which blogs and podcasts you want to review your book, publish guest posts on, and be interviewed by.
  • A list of 3 additional marketing strategies so that you can take your launch up a level should you choose.

There are six pages of ideas and brainstorming prompts to help help you have a successful book launch.


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